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new year, new……………….

January 15, 2013

here i am, giving it a go again….there should be a gigolo service in this town….you know, so women could get over bad men without getting back with them if the sex was good…if sex was all there was….but there isn’t, so instead i’m considering buying a rampant rabbit…wish me luck. Don’t really like plastic. Well it doesnt’t replace kisses, stroking, the feel of someone lying on top of you, conversation, laughter, the human stuff. It’s a cheap(ish) thrill instead.
I do miss him. Even though he’s a dickhead. I want to see him now but he’s probably working. More friends would be good. Need more distraction in my life. More more more. Might go to yoga tomorrow. Try and fill my life up. How does the song go? ‘One man-it aint what all that life’s about’. That’s all my life’s been about. Men men men. I remember craving one when i was 13. Thirteen!!!!
So the man-from-faraway sent me a photo of his erect penis. Great. Did he think it would turn me on? Erect penis’s aren’t the prettiest of sights. Naked women are beautiful. Naked penis’s…laughable. He wants me to send one of me, back to him. Is this wrong? I guess so. No, i’m not doing it. Still, the attention is nice. Pathetic. A bit of male attention makes my day! It’s january. Worst time of year. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg.
This blog is a bit shit, but never mind. I’ll keep plugging away, adding to it. Imagine someone’s reading it, out there in outer space. Pigsssss innn Spaaaaacceeeeeeeeeeeee!
Wish he’d tex me. Wish i could have the sex without the bother of an emotionally poisonous man. Wish he wasn’t so dangerous. A ‘zipless fuck’, as Erica Jong said. Love her work. My heroine. I could read her books all day long. Not the poetry though. Sorry, Erica! Yes, a zipless fuck would do nicely, thanks. Someone to fly into my bedroom and fly out again. Lovely. Like i said, this town needs a gigolo. Or maybe it’s just me. Don’t care how, i want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( sang in the manner of Veruca Salt ).



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