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January 31, 2013

Don’t know what to write today but a lot has happened. Managed to get a job in the new supermarket that’s opening in my hometown-out of the frying pan into the fire maybe but it means i get my weekends back, hip hip, hooray!  It means that i can’t do yoga anymore tho-booo!
So i let my- what do i call him-boyfriend? No, i haven’t committed to him that much-er, lover ( how glamorous! ) read my previous post. Oh my god, what an idiot. I’d totally forgotten what i’d written, so he got to read all about my mini-interest in the guy in the hardware store. Great! Nice one, baby, way to go. He asked me to leave, so i almost did, then he asked me to stay and we talked about it. I reminded him that i was single at the time of writing. And what i say one day doesn’t necessarily hold up the next. I reserve the right to be completely fickle.
So i wanna go see Rupert Everett in his play in London. How i love London! The trouble is, who with. I’ve already mentioned it to bad boy, who is all for it, of course. But i’m having doubts again. ‘It is unseemly to love someone you wouldn’t wish to marry’- to quote Erica Jong once again- or rather, to quote her central character who reads ‘Love Rules’ from an ancient eighteenth century text. Unseemly indeed. But can you blame me? My life is pretty tough during the week. I’m bringing up my son alone, and i work part time in a crappy job. Can you blame me for stealing a bit of pleasure during my all too brief weekends? I can’t see us getting back together properly. Don’t think i want him near my son. Want a proper man. With the sexiness. Am i ever gonna find it in this godforsaken island? It? I mean one! Or maybe i meant happiness.

Then there’s the baby hunger.                                        








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